Operation Blackhawk is a company providing realistic Military themed experiences to the general public that are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. The experiences currently on offer are

 “The Battlefield Challenge” 7km Mud Run


 7km Mud run obstacle assault course for all fitness levels perfect for those who may never have done a mud run before or just looking for a fun day out with their mates in the mud. It’s not about how fast you complete the course but how much fun you have along the way. For full details and to register click on the “Battlefield Challenge” tab of the menu bar.

“Special Forces 12.83km Challenge” running-further-2


 Based on the British Combat Fitness Test this 12.83km Challenge will test your mental and physical limits. If your bored of a same old events and want a fresh challenge then this is for you. The 12.83km route covers undulating bush terrain with a choice of carrying 5kg, 12kg or 20kg packs to suit your own ability.  For full details and to register click on the “SF Challenge” tab on the menu bar. 

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    SF 12.83km Challenge              VIC          21/22 Nov     Click to register

    SF 12.83km Challenge              ACT          28/29 Nov    Click to register

    SF 12.83km Challenge              NSW          5/6 Dec         Click to register


              Battlefield Challenge    VIC    5/6 March     Click to register    

  Battlefield Challenge    ACT      2/3 April      Click to register

     Battlefield Challenge    NSW    16/17 April      Click to register

     Battlefield Challenge    SA    29/30 Oct      Click to register




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