Welcome to Canberra’s Hit104.7 Operation Shit Your Pants

 OCT 7th / 8th @ Paintball Sports ACT

Canberra’s Hit104.7 Operation S**t Your Pants is a themed Zombie Horror walk with a twist. It’s 200 acres of fun set in a spooky pine plantation full of Walking dead, special effects and interactive stations. 

Don’t be fooled as this event will shock you. Operation Shit Your Pants promises to be disturbing, twisted and some of you just might be sick. You’ve been warned!



WHEN: Sat 7th & Sun 8th Oct 2017
WHERE: Paintball Sports ACT 600 Pialligo Ave Canberra
AGES: 16+ no exceptions

Tickets are on sale priced $67.


From the moment, you enter the venue you must expect the unexpected. Set in a 200-acre pine plantation the venue is transformed in to an interactive horror set full of zombies, walking dead and special effects, all of which you play the unsuspecting victims.

On arrival you must first register your attendance in the safe zone. There’s no separation of zombie and human participants. Both complete the same event. However, we encourage participants to get their zombie on as it adds to the atmosphere and makes for great photos. On your selected wave time, you will be issued a brief explaining more about the day and how it works. You will then be led out the safe zone and onto the horror set from hell.

Following a set course route, you and your mates will Zombie walk through the forest to multiple interactive horror stations. The element of surprise is our biggest weapon so we can’t detail exactly what those stations involve. However we guarantee all are 100% safe, require no skills/physical ability and completely optional. By keeping the event to 16+ our aim is to create horror stations you never thought possible or allowed in today’s bubble wrapped world. Some horror stations will be funny, some scary and some just plan twisted and sick. And it doesn’t stop there. Our fear crew of actors and zombie vols along with special effects will keep you on your toes between the stations. Remember, expect the unexpected.

This is a slow zombie like walk at your own pace event, so please allow 3 to 4 hours from the moment you arrive on site to heading home.


  1. Event is held at night INCORRECT. This is a day time event with participants setting off in waves between 9am and 2pm. Allow 3 to 4 hours to complete the event
  2. It’s an obstacle course INCORRECT. This is a walk at your own pace event with no obstacles. See main article above.
  3. Zombies chase you INCORRECT. See main article above.
  4. Zombie or human the event is the sameAll participants complete the same course with the option to come dressed as walking dead or normal human. However coming dressed as the walking dead will add to the experience and makes for great photos.
  5. Age Limits –  Strictly 16+ no exceptions. In order to make this scary as possible there will be elements unsuitable for minors.
  6. Spectators –  Unfortunately, due to the nature of this event we can’t offer spectator access. Spectators will be charged the same fees as participants.Why?Think of the event as a fully immersive horror set with special effects, sights, sounds and visuals. Any spectators entering the venue would have a similar experience as paid participants. So, in the interest of fairness anyone entering the property other than dropping off will be charged as a participant.
  7. NO Nerf or dart Guns Leave them at home people. They only cheapen the event and not suitable
  8. On site make up Make up artists will be on site but we cant possibly do everyone. Closer to the event we’ll open a booking request form so participants may pre-purchase make up tokens and time slots.
  9. Merchandise horror props A selection of horror props including blood and guts will be for sale at our merchandise tent to help get your Zombie on
  10. Other Questions Please email  registration@operationblackhawk.com

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