Special Forces Challenge

Special Forces Challenge

 12.83 km over bush terrain carrying 0, 5, 12 or 20kg’s

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2018 Locations and Dates to be released soon.

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Mission Objective

Your mission, should you be tough enough to accept is like no other challenge on the planet. Your objective, decked out in full combat gear, is to complete a Special Forces Challenge spanning 12.83km.  It’s completely unique, which until now has never been attempted by civilians in this manner.

Each mission is designed for all levels of fitness… from the couch potato through to the fitness nut that eats iron bars for breakfast! Everyone can finish this mission, everyone does finish this mission.

Mission Overview

Note – this is not a mud run or assault course. This a genuine replica of a British Forces assessment. On arrival you’ll be issued combat clothing and sit through a realistic mission brief of the days objective.  Next you’ll pick up a pack with your chosen weight of 5kg, 12kg or 20kg to suit your own fitness level and ability, then head out on on a British Special Forces Challenge known in the military as a C.F.T. (Combat Fitness Test) Each part of the challenge is designed to test your Agility, Strength, Stamina and Mental Determination, which are all key attributes of a modern combat soldier. Through-out the mission you will be wearing genuine Military Fatigues, pack and assault webbing. However before any Soldier can go into battle they must first understand…

  1. What they have to do
  2. How they’re going to do it
  3. What tools they have to complete the mission
  4. What support is provided

At Operation Blackhawk it’s no different. Upon arrival you will witness first hand true military professionalism. Once registered you move into Operation Blackhawk’s headquarters and experience a full mission briefing of the days objective, in the same manner troops receive orders before entering combat. The briefing provides detailed instruction and key safety information; you also get to meet the team that’s going to be with you through-out the day.


OBH Waiver

The C.F.T.

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Once the brief is complete you fuel up and grab a military pack containing 5kg, 12kg or 20kg. You choose the weight to suit your fitness level. When everyone is geared up you’re marched as a group to the start line by our instructors.

In the real world the C.F.T.  (Combat Fitness Test) is used to test fitness levels of soldiers serving in Britain’s Combat Forces such as the SAS, Para’s and Combat Infantry.  It’s ran as individual best effort, 12.83km long, over undulating bush terrain, carrying packs with a total weight of 20kg plus water, helmet and weapon. To be considered fit enough, combat troops are required to run the course in less than 1 Hour 50 Minutes. However feeling generous we have allowed 4 hours in which to complete the 12.83 km’s.  You also get to chose the amount of weight you carry. remember, THE CHALLENGE HERE IS JUST TO FINISH

* Beginner                   0 or 5kg

* Weekend Warrior     12kg

* I’m Bad Ass                20kg

Each category covers the same course and distance and drinking Water is carried as additional weight. Water station are also on the route.

The challenge is to finish the course and be certified tough.

Beat the Soldier

For the majority of operatives just completing 12.83 km’s is the challenge, but if you really think you’re tough then why not try and beat Soldier Dan and the Special Forces qualifying time of 1:50? Finish in under 1:50hr carrying the full Bad Ass weight and you earn the ultimate bragging rights and go on our champions wall of fame. SD 4

12.83kms… how hard can it really be?


On completion you hand in your kit and receive a mission debrief. If you’re tough enough to complete the course you will become a Certified Blackhawk Operative. Complete the Bad Ass Special Forces CFT under 1hr:50min and your name and photo will be immortalised on our Wall Of Hero’s for ultimate bragging rights.

Am I Fit Enough?

The course is open to anyone over 18 years of age (Male and Female).  The missions caters for all levels of fitness (or unfitness!).  You will be pushed to your limits and at some point feel like quitting. It then becomes a mental challenge not a physical challenge.  On average Operatives complete the Special Forces Challenge in 3 hours and 30 minutes. This really is a test of the mind and spirit….

All levels of fitness have completed the course.  Operatives… Good Luck

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